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Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Energy

I-NERGY is an EU-funded H2020 innovation project around Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Next Generation Energy aiming at reshaping the energy sector value chain towards better business and operational performance, increased environmental sustainability, and the creation of a stronger social fabric propagating high social value among citizens.

Business Categories

I-NERGY, distributing 2 million Euros among startups, small and medium-sized companies & consortiums

I-NERGY will run for 3 years has an overall budget of approximately €5m and will distribute around €2m among its selected open call beneficiaries. 

The project will launch 2 open calls to select 10 and 15 Bottom-up Projects. The first Open Call is LIVE NOW HERE (8th November 2021 until 20th January 2022) and is targeted to SMEs and Startups developing building blocks for new AI algorithms/services and small-scale experiments with an expected outcome of fully functional prototypes.

The Second Open Call is targeted to consortiums made up of Start-up / SME (service developer / provider), plus 1 EPES stakeholder to develop MVPs. 

In both cases, the selection process will prioritize projects maximizing the impact of the platform and demonstrating the benefit of AI in products, processes, or services.

Note: The first Open Call for SMEs and Startups is now Open!