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29 July, 2021

I-Nergy Launched Its Community of AI in Energy Future

I-NERGY, an EU funded innovation project around Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Energy has launched an online community to foster networking, mentorship and ideas exchange for the AI and Energy ecosystem.



Inergy project

I-NERGY project, funded by the European programme Horizon 2020, has launched I-NERGY Community: a new collaborative area ready to connect partners, companies and workers of the energy sector who want to know more and share experience about AI implemented in this sector and the changes which this technology will let in the future. I-NERGY technology systems are part for all the initiatives of the AI4EU Platform.

The community platform aims at becoming the central information hub about I-NERGY and its stakeholders, providing ongoing updates about the project, all related news, and events. Members will have first-hand access to the wider ecosystem, funding opportunities such as open calls and other peers, entities, and organisations.


I-NERGY will deliver: (i)Financing support through Open Calls to third parties SMEs for new energy use cases and technology building blocks validation, as well as for developing new AI-based energy services, while fully aligning to AI4EU service requirements and strengthening the SME competitiveness on AI for energy, (ii) An open modular framework for supporting AI-on-Demand in the energy sector by capitalising on state-of-the-art AI, IoT, semantics, federated learning, analytics tools, which leverage on edge-level AI-based cross-sector multi-stakeholder sovereignty and regulatory preserving interoperable data handling.

I-NERGY aims at evolving, scaling up and demonstrating innovative AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) Energy Analytics Applications and digital twins services that will be validated along 9 pilots, which: (a) Span over the full energy value chain, ranging from optimised management of grid and non-grid RES assets, improved efficiency and reliability of electricity networks operation, optimal risk assessment for energy efficiency investments planning, optimising local and virtual energy communities involvement in flexibility and green energy marketplaces; (b) Delivers other energy and non-energy services to realise synergies among energy commodities (district heating, buildings) and with non-energy sectors (i.e. e-mobility, personal safety/security, AAL), and with non- or low-technical domains end-users (i.e. elderly people).

I-NERGY was launched with a backdrop that AI spreading in the energy sector is expected to dramatically reshape energy value chain in the next years, by improving business processes performance, while increasing environmental sustainability, strengthening social relationships, and propagating high social value among citizens. However, uncertain business cases, fragmented regulations, standards immaturity, and low-technical SMEs workforce skills barriers are hampering the full exploitation of AI along the energy value chain.

You can easily join the community here!

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