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AI for energy saving verification service, increasing the trust on Energy Performance Contracts

Addressing an Energy Saving Verification Service (IPMVP based) for increasing the trust on EP Contracts.


Business Category

What is the challenge that is being addressed?

This business model is based on achieving a proper balance in between the investment and the energy savings achieved to reduce the ROI as much as possible. In the process of deciding if a project is economically feasible (Viable) or not the ‘data’ are relevant, data from potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), cost, energy cost projections, as well as prediction of future energy behaviour/performance. On the other hand, regarding the Energy Performance contracting and their compliance, the energy savings verification is a crucial task.


What is the AI solution the project plans to implement?

Methods (based on protocols like IPMVP) to estimate savings need data: static and dynamic data to build simulations, estimations or statistics approach or real/live data from monitoring/metering networks/devices.


Who will help implement this solution?

This pilot is implemented within the framework of the “I-NΕRGΥ: Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Energy” Project. The I-NERGY Project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101016508.


The responsible partner for this Use Case is VEOLIA (


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