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18 May, 2022

ICT-49 projects summed up in a 5-min video

Learn more about the ICT-49 project in this short video


ict-49 video

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The EU ICT-49 projects aim to facilitate the implementation of AI solutions by focusing on different challenges. The ICT-49 call is connected to the project "A European AI On Demand Platform and Ecosystem (AI4EU)" which was funded under the H2020-ICT-2018-20 call. The ultimate goal of this project was a European AI-on-demand platform mobilising the European AI community to support businesses and sectors in accessing expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools to successfully apply AI thereby generating market impact.

The ICT-49 projects build on the AI-on-demand-platform and aim to facilitate the integration of AI into applications and to consolidate the ecosystem by bringing in a larger user community and by reinforcing the service layer of the platform to ensure it is a compelling solution for users, especially from non-tech sectors. The ICT-49 projects contribute to the platform by providing AI-related knowledge, algorithms, tools, access to related infrastructures, equipment, data resources and expert support.

There are six different ICT-49 projects in total focusing on different areas, namely StairwAIAIPlan4EUBonsAPPsAI4CopernicusI-NERGY and DIH4AI.

AIPlan4EU focuses on using AI for automated planning and scheduling and to identify a course of actions that achieves a specific goal.

AI4Copernicus bridges Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the Earth Observation (EO) world by making the AI-on-demand platform, the digital environment of choice for users of Copernicus data, for researchers and innovators.

BonsAPPs delivers end-to-end, containerized, ready-to-integrate and re-usable solutions and covers experimentation, benchmarking, deployment, and secure licensing of AI solutions at the Deep Edge, such as the AI embedded in all our everyday smart devices.

DIH4AI is focused on building and networking DIH-driven AI-on-demand regional platforms, linked to the pan-European AI4EU toolbox and experimental facility and will create a critical mass of AI services and seamless operation.

I-NERGY supports AI-on-Demand in the energy sector by capitalising on state-of-the-art AI, IoT, semantics, federated learning, analytics tools, which leverage on edge level AI-based cross-sector multi-stakeholder sovereignty and regulatory preserving interoperable data handling. I-NERGY also works on evolving, upscaling and demonstrating innovative AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) Energy Analytics Applications and digital twins services.

The concept of the StairwAI project is to act as a Stairway to AI for SMEs by using AI to ease the engagement of low-tech SMEs to the AI on demand platform ( and matching SMEs to AI assets, experts, tools and hardware.


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