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The European Commission recently funded a portfolio of projects that each have funding available to a diverse group of organizations. Explore the Open Calls of these projects and identify if your company is in a position to apply and access this funding.

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In 2019, SMEs accounted for 99.8% of all enterprises in the EU-28 non-financial business sector and accounted for the majority of the increase in value added (60%) – EU Annual Report on SMEs, (November 2019). In the last years, the EC acknowledged that a number of areas require immediate action at EU level to ensure that: (1) SMEs will increase Europe’s competitiveness in the AI landscape leaving no SME behind (2) New technologies and AI- ...

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The most fundamental need of the AI4EU on-demand Platform at this stage in its development is the introduction of improved functionality to allow for the easy engagements of it core targets stakeholders, namely SMEs. While additional resources and strong domain-specific solutions are also needed, it will be a wasted enterprise without a simple mechanism to match users to these assets. What is needed is a Stairway to AI, a linking bridge between ...

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AI4Copernicus aims to make the AI4EU AI-on-demand platform the platform of choice for users of Copernicus data along the value chain (scientists, SMEs, non-tech sector). AI4Copernicus will achieve this by exposing AI4EU resources on DIAS (data and information access services) platforms, making it easy to procure computing power and large EO data, as well as to access training material and expertise. AI4Copernicus proposes to reinforce and ...

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BonsAPPs will develop a fully functional (TRL-8), scalable AI-as-a-Service layer (AI-aaS) that will interoperate with the AI on demand platform as an external service. The service layer will enhance an existing AI platform (Bonseyes Marketplace) to cover experimentation, benchmarking, deployment and secure licensing of AI solutions at the Deep Edge. Project-funded Use Cases will demonstrate how Bonseyes Marketplace Platform simplifies time-consuming ...

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AI spreading in the energy sector is expected to dramatically reshape energy value chain in the next years, by improving business processes performance, while increasing environmental sustainability, strengthening social relationships and propagating high social value among citizens. However, uncertain business cases, fragmented regulations, standards immaturity and low-technical SMEs workforce skills barriers are actually hampering the full ...

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Automated Planning and Scheduling is a central research area in AI that has been studied since the inception of the field and where European research has been making strong contributions over decades. Planning is a decision-making technology that consists in reasoning on a predictive model of a system being controlled and deciding how and when to act in order to achieve a desired objective. It is a relevant technology for many application areas that ...

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