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self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation

The s-X-AIPI Horizon Project will research, develop, test and experiment an innovative toolset of custom trustworthy self-X AI technologies for the process industry. These applications will minimize human involvement in the loop and exhibit self-improving abilities.

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s-X-AIPI project  is a 3-year Horizon Europe funded project which aims to develop and test a novel autonomic artificial intelligence toolset for the transformation of the European process industry. The explored solutions will see the formulation of a novel architecture, data pipeline and realistic datasets, derived from 4 real world demo cases (asphalt, steel, aluminium and pharmaceutics), combined with an autonomic manager based on the MAPE-K model (continuous Monitoring-Analyzing-Planning-Execution flow based on the Knowledge of the AI system under control) for developing self-improving AI systems. The end goal of these applications is to optimize human involvement in the loop of creation and maintenance of AI applications for industrial usage, while exhibiting self-improving abilities.

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