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Call #3 for Use-Cases for AI Planning (AIPlan4EU project)


AIPlan4EU is looking for companies and individuals that potentially have a use-case for AI planning.

AIPlan4EU open call #3 for use-cases

Automated Planning and Scheduling is a central research area in AI, concerned with reasoning on a predictive model of a system to identify a course of actions that achieves a desired goal. It has been studied since the inception of the field and European research has been making strong contributions over decades.

Planning engines have now reached a maturity that makes them highly useful for real-world applications. Still, their application in practise is sometimes hindered by the fact that the planning world is quite heterogeneous, without a common programming interface that makes the technology easily accessible. Moreover, it can be very hard, even for experts, to reliably predict which technique will work well on a certain problem. Thus, it is important that a user needs not to commit to a certain technique at an early stage of adoption but can at any time easily try out and switch to other, better-suited planning technology.

AIPlan4EU aims at solving these problems: it will offer state-of-the-art planning technology through a unified API designed for practitioners and validated on practical use-cases.

The route of a use-case through the AIPlan4EU project


Which are the goals of the AIPlan4EU project?

Following the overall vision for AI in Europe, the project will leverage the excellent research on planning technology that Europe has funded and constructed over the years by bringing it to innovators and practitioners.

AIPlan4EU is centred around 6 ambitious objectives:       

  • Making planning accessible to practitioners and innovators               
  • Facilitate the integration of planning and other ICT technologies
  • Making planning relevant in a wide range of application sectors   
  • Seamlessly integrate planning within the AI4EU platform
  • Facilitate learning of planning for up- and reskilling and lower the access barrier
  • Standardize and drive academic research towards applications


Is the project restricted to certain sectors? NO!

The design of the various activities in AIPlan4EU will be derived from user needs. So your use-case will be considered if it is relevant in the scope of AI planning, regardless of its sector.

For example, the use-cases provided by the project partners themselves are from the following areas:

  • Planning for space
  • Planning for agriculture
  • Planning for manufacturing
  • Planning for logistics
  • Planning for autonomous driving
  • Planning for automated experimentation
  • Planning for subsea robotics

But again, these are only example areas (not taken, exclusive or mandatory). Every relevant use-case can and should apply!


Who are we looking for?

AIPlan4EU is currently looking for individuals and companies to provide AI Planning use-cases.

The AIPlan4EU open calls aim to upgrade third parties’ capacity to leverage AI planning technology in various sectors and offer financial support for European individuals, companies and innovators to experiment in highly innovative, cross-border experiments.

You have never heard of AI planning before and are unsure whether your task is a use-case for planning? If it can be framed in some way as identifying a course of actions, it potentially is. If you need a first-contact explanation, you can have a look at our recent blog entry or some use-cases of our project partners. If you are still unsure, don’t be shy to contact us via email.


What do we have to offer?

On the third open call for use-cases, up to 5 use-case proposals will be selected and funded.

This funding consists of €1500 per use-case to attend a workshop where you will get help to further develop and specify your use-case in the context of AI Planning.

After this workshop, the use-case winners will also have the opportunity to be funded to support the use-case implementation foreseen in the future open calls. Therefore, the participants should demonstrate their long-term commitment to the AIPlan4EU research and innovation agenda.

You will receive:
  • Funding €1500 per use-case in Open Call 3 for Use-Cases.
  • The opportunity to be funded up to €30.000 to support the use-case implementation in the future open calls.
  • Opportunities to connect with users and suppliers from various industries.
  • Access to a sustainable ecosystem of stakeholders active in multiple AI Planning domains.


How to apply

Open call #3 for use-cases is open from 9 June 2022 to 20 September 2022, 17h CET. Please read and complete the following documents and apply via the F6S platform.