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ODFuse4Ship: Ocean Data Fusion for Ship Routing

Maritime transport plays a vital role in our global economy, but navigating the vast ocean can be challenging. The AI4Copernicus ODFuse4Ship project, led by our Ocean-tech start-up AMPHITRITE, is set to change that by harnessing the power of satellite data and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to provide high-resolution, reliable current maps that allow for short-term route optimization in the shipping sector.


Business Category
Maritime Sector
Technical Category
AI services

What is the challenge that is being addressed?

Our project aims to demonstrate that it's possible to perform short-term, fine- scale maritime routing in the Mediterranean Sea, resulting in significant gains in fuel consumption and voyage time. Not only that, but it will also contribute to the decarbonization of the shipping sector providing aid to shipping companies, captains and solution providers to harness the power of ocean currents and optimize their routes and reduce their CO2 emissions. We have constructed an operationally-ready API that provides real-time sea surface current maps in the Mediterranean Sea to be commercialized and marketed for the shipping sector. The methodology and tools developed in this project can be applied to many seas and oceans around the world, making this a game-changing technology for the maritime industry. Join us in innovating in the way ships navigate the seas, and contribute to a more sustainable future

What is the AI solution the project has implemented?

By fusing data from multiple satellite sensors, such as Visible, Temperature and Altimetry, we create current maps that are at least 50% more accurate and reliable than currently available products. The Mediterranean Sea is the perfect testing ground for this innovative technology. 15% of the world's maritime activity takes place here, yet maritime routing is not currently used due to the short duration of the journey and the unreliability of available ocean data.

Who helped implement the AI solution?

This solution is implemented in the context of ODFuse4ship, a winning project from the AI4Copernicus 3rd Open Call, by the AMPHITRITE company. The results of the project are available here.