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Amphitrite harnesses Artificial Intelligence and Satellite Observation, providing maritime stakeholders with new generation of ocean data, to take the best decisions at sea.



Our technology fuses multiple satellite and in-situ data, harnessing artificial intelligence to provide reliable and high resolution ocean data to make the right decisions at sea. Real time Ocean Data Fusion provides solutions for multiple maritime stakeholders ranging from shipping, to defense and environmental monitoring.

Amphitrite, a spin-off from the laboraties of the École Polytechnique and the CNRS, bases its innovation in a strong interdisciplinary expertise between Oceanography and Artificial Intelligence. Our R&D focus is complemented by software development to provide SaaS solutions to multiple maritime stakeholders.


Avenue Coriolis
X-Novation Center
91120 Palaiseau

Involved in following Projects


AI4Copernicus is a European H2020 project that aims to bridge Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Earth Observation (EO) world by making the already developed AI4EU AI-on-demand platform, the digital environment of choice for users of Copernicus data, for r...