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Artificial Intelligence in Secure PRIvacy-preserving computing coNTinuum

AI-SPRINT defines a novel framework for the design and operation of AI applications in computing continua.
AI-SPRINT goes beyond supporting AI applications development by enabling the seamless design and partition of AI applications among the plethora of cloud-based solutions and AI-based sensor devices, providing security and privacy guarantees.

Funding Call

AI-SPRINT is poised to develop a novel framework for developing and operating AI applications, together with their data, exploiting computing continuum environments. Key outputs include novel tools for AI applications development, secure execution, easy deployment, as well as runtime management and optimisation, which will help to overcome current technological challenges in exploiting resources in the edge-to-cloud continuum in terms of flexibility, scalability of analytics, interoperability, energy efficiency, security and privacy.

AI-SPRINT addresses the technological challenges of designing and efficiently executing AI applications, leveraging resources from the edge to the cloud. Our AI-SPRINT applications are primarily written in Python and heavily utilize AI technologies. These applications consist of multiple components that run across a computing continuum, with some on the cloud, some on edge servers, and some on AI-enabled sensors.

Discover the AI-SPRINT Components

AI-SPRINT has been duly tested and validated in three real-world scenarios:

  1. Personalised Healthcare - Developing an automated system for personalised stroke risk assessment and prevention.
  2. Maintenance & Inspection - Creating an infrastructure that reduces downtime and revenue losses caused by degenerative asset performance.
  3. Farming 4.0 - Delivering edge and intelligent sensors to optimise phytosanitary treatments.


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