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Collaborative AI

A tourist falls ill and needs to go to the hospital in a city, she has not visited before. When she crosses the hospital entrance, a likeable robot approaches her and immediately asks about the reason for visiting the hospital. Thereafter the robot accompanies her to the reception desk where an AI receptionist avatar is waiting. She has a fever and is coughing, suspecting she has the COVID-19 virus. The AI receptionist registers her and asks some questions about the symptoms. Then the AI asks the robot to accompany the patient to the radiologist room where additional tests will be done. A medical doctor with the help of an AI diagnostic system identifies the illness and prescribes the treatment.

In this futurist example, “Collaborative AI” (CAI) appears in different moments in the hospital episode, when the robot approaches the patient; when the robot accompanies the patient to the AI receptionist avatar; when the AI avatar talking with the person refers her to a specialist medical doctor;  when the robot accompanies the patient to the radiologist room; and when the medical doctor makes a diagnosis with the help of the AI diagnostic system.

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