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24 July, 2023
Society Ethics

Survey on AI Applications in the Labor Market: Addressing Discrimination, Exclusion, and Marginalization of Workers

The BIAS project would like to invite you to take its survey on discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization of workers that the use of AI applications in the labor market can sometimes cause.

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BIAS Survey

In the BIAS project, we aim to understand your experience and attitudes towards AI applications in the labour market.

If you're a worker who is more than 18 years old, based in an European country, especially if you have already dealt with AI applications, including LinkedIn, than you should definitely take our survey. Workers in all sectors, from energy supply to culture, are invited to respond.

One of the outcomes that we expect to have from this survey is a list of words, sentences, and phrases that are perceived by workers to directly or indirectly relate to biases across different criteria (gender, age, class, race, and sexuality). These will complement wordlists derived from co-creation activities to support the Debiaser, our proof-of-concept technology that will provide a toolkit for identifying and mitigating biases in pre-trained language models, making them safer to apply in Human Resources Management.

Take the survey here.



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