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14 September, 2023

Publication of Preprint Deliverables of Pre-PAI Project - Preparation for the development of the AI-on-demand platform

Preprint publication of deliverables for the preparatory actions of the AI-on-demand platform have been successfully carried out in the Pre-PAI project, which will serve as a blueprint for the "Deployment of the AI-on-demand platform" of the Digital Europe Programme.

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The preparatory actions for the future AI-on-demand platform were carried out in the Pre-PAI project. The Pre-PAI consortium is providing the blueprint for the further development, deployment, and operation of the AI-on-demand platform. The major deliverable D1.2 Final Roadmap and Plan gives an overview

Pre-PAI started in November 2022 and was finalized end of July 2023. The official review of Pre-PAI will take place in October 2023, after which the official results will be published after a short period of time.

Preprints of deliverables are published for earlier public access under the following links:

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