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29 December, 2023

MARKET by STAR: the insights on the current trends, success stories and future developments related to Safe and Trusted Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

With the growth and improvement of production automation in manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems must be safe, trusted, and secure, even when operating in dynamic, unstructured and unpredictable environments. In this regard, one of the STAR project goals is to research and make available new technologies to enable standard-based, secure, safe, reliable and trusted human-centric AI systems in manufacturing environments.

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Market by STAR

MARKET by STAR is the entry point where all the interested visitors can consult the information representing the results of the project at one place along with the broad range of additional resources and services related to trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing.

In the MARKET by STAR, visitors can find the following content:

  • Assets – Tools/components developed in the scope of the project. You will find a list of all the assets and a page with details for each of them.
  • Success Stories – Use cases provided by the three STAR pilots with a description and characteristics.
  • Services – Content/platforms developed directly in the scope of the project, including:
    • STAR Courses – the four courses developed in STAR.
    • Workshops – the workshops organised during the execution of the STAR project.
    • STAR Book – the STAR open access book.
    • Worker’s Training Platform – The platform oriented to skill assessment and enhancement developed in STAR.
    • AI Trustworthiness Framework – A self-assessment form for the trustworthiness of AI systems. It consists of a set of questions that relate to different aspects AI systems.
  • External Resources – Online content/sources not developed in the scope of the project but directly related and of high relevance to the project scope and goals:
    • External Courses – List of courses from external sources, linked with the topics of STAR, such as AI, Cybersecurity, Privacy, IoT, etc.
    • Relevant Communities – List of relevant communities to the STAR stakeholders, such as EFFRA, AI4EU, DFA and



For more information about the project, visit STAR website:

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