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Looking for AI Talents to support low-tech SMEs under BonsAPPs and StairwAI projects framework!


BonsAPPs and StairwAI projects are looking for AI Talents to support the tasks of the AI Model training (data science), AI development and integration to low-tech SMEs selected within the EU projects and get a financial contribution.

BonsAPPs and StairwAI projects were created in line with the EC’s AI Strategy for building an ecosystem of excellence that can support the development and uptake of AI across the European Union that will interoperate with the AI on-demand platform (AI4EU).

AI Talents EOI (BonsAPPs and StairwAI)

What are the benefits within both EU projects? 

-Financial contribution to the work done. Receive up to 30,000 in BonsAPPs and up to 24,000 in StairwAI project, per SME supported. 

-Become a validated service provider that will support low-tech SMEs in AI adoption.

- Becoming a part of the high-profile Bonseyes Marketplace Platform (BMP) ecosystem that will support the development and uptake of AI across the European Union (BonsAPPs project).

-Longer-term commercial engagement opportunities. 

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for natural persons and/or entities legally established in the EU member states, the H2020 Associated Countries and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with the capacity to support the tasks of the AI model training (Data Science), AI development and Integration. 

How to apply? 

Interested AI Talents should read the BonsAPPs and StairwAI guidelines, fill the online form and submit their profile via: