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Robotics in the warehouses

Bringing efficiency and innovation to logistic processes through intelligent robots and AI planning systems

What is the challenge that is being addressed?

The context of the proposed use case is a logistic activity that is transitioning to industry 4.0, through the introduction of automation by means of a fleet of collaborative, intelligent AGVs.

In our application, a reliable planner is an extremely important complementary element. The planner must assign the robot’s missions in an optimal way to avoid traffic jams and optimize the workflow of the fleet in the warehouse. Clearly, the planner must also be capable of quickly rescheduling the missions and adapting dynamically to a highly variable scenario. Indeed, given the number of workers in the warehouse, the robots can frequently experience delays or temporary obstructions if they operate in the same aisles, causing hitches and burdening deviations from the original path previously assigned.

What is the AI solution the project plans to implement?

The application of planning technology is of paramount importance for an effective deployment of a fleet of autonomous robots, to coordinate their decisions and optimize the utilization of the available resources, such as the items to be delivered and the navigation paths.