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Polytec Intralogistics SRL (Dolomiti Robotics SRL)

Polytec Intralogistics designs and develops advanced solutions that enable mobile robotics to be collaborative and place humans at the center. As a manufacturer of AMR and AGV, the company focuses on creating innovative technologies that enhance the interaction between humans and robots.



Polytec Intralogistics SRL, formerly known as Dolomiti Robotics S.R.L. (until 31/1/23), is a startup founded in 2019. The company has its legal and operational headquarters in Rovereto (TN). Active in the field of collaborative mobile robotics, it is now a manufacturer of AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots), AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) and platforms for the autonomous guidance of mobile robots. The company was born from the desire of a close-knit and multi-talented team of robotics and automation researchers to offer industrial players tools and ideas to drive innovation in their production sites and have a strong impact on the market with technologically advanced products.

Polytec Intralogistics studies and develops advanced solutions that allows mobile robotics to become collaborative and to put humans at the center. The robot and its user collaborate in harmony and synergy to achieve a common goal, a fundamental element at the basis of the concept of industry 5.0.


Piazza Manifattura 1
38068 Rovereto TN