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COgnitive Assisted agile manufacturing for a LAbor force supported by trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

COALA is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project, which aims to develop a trustworthy voice-enabled Digital Intelligent Assistant for the manufacturing industry.

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The COALA vision for AI in manufacturing is the development of human-centred Digital Intelligent Assistant that provides a more proactive and pragmatic approach to support operative situations characterized by cognitive load, time pressure, and little or zero tolerance for quality issues. 

COALA will help shape the complementarity in the collaboration between the AI-based digital assistant and the human so that:

  • The AI will performe time-consuming and stressful tasks reliably and credibly
  • The human will focus on understanding and problem-solving in complex and knowledge-intensive situations.

COALA’s AI-focused education and training concept will support the human-side of the collaboration by providing concept for teaching professionals systematically and, in the language of the workers, about the capabilities, risks, and limitations of AI in manufacturing.

We will develop a solution for cognitive assistance consisting of a composition of trustworthy AI components with a voice-enabled digital intelligent assistant as an interface. The solution will support workers that need to use analytics tools and new workers that perform on-the-job training.

We will develop an education and training concept focusing on building blue-collar worker competencies in human-AI collaboration. The COALA solution will transform how workers perform their jobs and allow companies to increase their production process and product quality.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. 957296.

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