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Örebro University

A young and dynamic university in Sweden, with a strong reputation for research at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.



Örebro University is one of the largest universities in Sweden with over 17,000 students and 1,200 staff members, of which 106 are full professors. The University is taking an active part in the development of the region with strong contacts with industry and the community. Örebro University is represented in AI4EU by the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS, AASS is one of the strong research environments within the University’s strategic research profile.

AASS has gained world-wide reputation reputation for its research at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. AASS has pioneered work on Integrative AI (hybrid task and motion planning, multi-robot motion planning, coordination and control) and Physical AI (integration of AI and Robotics, ecologies of robots in smart environments, artificial olfaction, anchoring). AASS is the coordinator of the euRobotics topic group on “Artificial Intelligence and Cognition in Robotics”. Within AI4EU, AASS is in charge of the research work-package, and it acts as scientific manager.


Fakultetsgatan 1
70182 Orebro

Involved in following Projects


The AIPlan4EU project will bring AI planning as a first-class citizen in the European AI On-Demand (AI4EU) Platform by developing a uniform, user-centered framework to access the existing planning technology and by devising concrete guidelines for innovat...



The HumanE AI Net brings together top European research centers, universities and key industrial champions into a network of centers of excellence that goes beyond a narrow definition of AI and combines world leading AI competence with key players in rela...