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22 February, 2022

StairwAI’s Business Consultancy Questionnaire

Inviting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and businesses and individuals with AI use-cases to participate in StairwAI’s Business Consultancy Questionnaire.


stairwai use case

This survey has two goals:

  • For one, it aims to identify factors influencing whether or not your company uses Artificial Intelligence.
  • On the other hand, it aims to collect use cases for which your company either believes AI could provide a solution or use cases for which your company has already applied AI solutions.


Use case explained:

A clear example for how AI could provide business value for your company. How your company uses/could use AI to accomplish a goal.

  • E.g., AI image processing helps/could help our company check the quality of our products by inspecting the product for visual defects = more cost effective and systematic processes

The StairwAI project will develop automatic matchmaking systems to be integrated in a European “AI on demand” platform. The first of such systems will suggest AI resources to target a given use case, described in natural language.


Why fill in this form?

  • Increase the chances of getting funded.
  • Help us shape the challenges of Open Calls Opt in as a beta tester and evaluate AI resources potentially applicable to your problem. The data you provide will also help identify organisations’ needs for adopting AI.
  • Help us shape the matchmaking services. The data you provide will form a corpus of use cases and solutions to drive the development of the matchmaking algorithm.


Find the link to participate on the StairwAI website below.




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