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18 October, 2021
Society Women in AI

An upcoming campaign celebrating female careers in AI

We are on a mission to increase female participation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by celebrating women in AI Heroes. Women in AI encourages female careers in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Building on last year’s successful campaign, we re-start celebrating female role models working in AI. We call these ‘WAIROES’, which stands for ‘women in AI heroes’. With this initiative, we give women in AI a voice as well as a platform to present their work, share their experiences and inspire members of the AI4EU community to follow their lead.

Women in AI - by Ashwini Naik


‘WAIROES’ stands for ‘women in AI heroes’

AI is shaping our future! And we have had an extraordinary opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional work that women are doing in the field of AI in diverse roles such as entrepreneurs in startups, as eminent researchers across the globe as well as leading technical experts in various businesses e.g., education, real estate or finance.

But did you know that women make up only 22% of the workforce in the field of Artificial Intelligence with an even smaller percentage occupying senior positions? Did you know that implicit gender biases can be transferred into algorithms and data, thereby amplifying stereotypes and prejudice? This should put us all on the alert, especially industries looking to achieve gender parity. If we leave it unchecked, today’s situation might be foreshadowing the possible increase of future gender gaps in the AI industry.

Together, we are on a mission to increase the female and minority community’s participation in the field of AI. We are doing this by celebrating women doing tremendous work in AI. Giving them visibility means we are creating a space for an inclusive future and this space is where women and minorities will feel welcomed, cementing the fact that they truly do belong in this industry. What better way to encourage young women to pursue careers in AI than to introduce women doing groundbreaking work in the field! 

Let’s collaborate and support each other!! Don’t hesitate to share this news and the articles on women in AI which we will publish on this platform in the coming weeks!


Statistics credits: 

World Economic Forum in collaboration with LinkedIn

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Women in AI - by Ashwini Naik