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25 October, 2021
Society Women in AI

A true powerhouse, Anna is on a mission to personalise learning at scale with AI

Cheers to our phenomenal WAIROE, Anna Nordell-Westling! As we introduce women in the AI industry, today we celebrate Anna Nordell-Westling. She is the Co-founder and CMO of Sana Labs and she believes in making learning personalised, with AI.

Women in AI & Anna Nordell-Westling/Sana Labs


Cheers to our phenomenal WAIROE, Anna Nordell-Westling!

Anna brings 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneurial strategic brand builder in developing and implementing marketing strategies. She has cemented her place in the AI industry with her brainchild Sana Labs, a global leader in efficient and engaging upskilling. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, Sana Labs partners with Fortune 500 companies to upskill workforces faster and help them retain knowledge longer.

When we think of education, we think of the same old techniques used over the years. But why should the education industry be the last to profit from the advances in AI? Anna is a visionary, she is disrupting the education and learning fields with AI. 

The education industry touches lives everywhere, and for Anna, it is crucial that it evolves. In her view, everyone is different and having the same education module doesn’t make sense. Instead, personalisation is the key and AI is the solution. “The future is a personalized and collaborative learning experience that's available at scale. Making learning truly come to life, helping every single employee reach his or her full potential”, she added.

Anna has successfully built an interdisciplinary team consisting of AI researchers and machine learning engineers with backgrounds ranging from Google AI and Spotify to BCG Gamma and Imperial College.

Anna is currently a senior advisor of both the AI Sustainability Center and AI Sweden. She also sits on the steering committee of Nordic.AI and the board of UIC and Creaspac.

Prior to Sana Labs, Anna headed up brand strategy and consumer insight at Saatchi & Saatchi, Acne and King. Previously, Anna has been an angel investor in tech startups. Passionate about accelerating business through traction and growth, Anna also ran her own marketing acceleration agency for five years — working with a tech startup and growth-stage companies in Stockholm, Berlin, San Francisco, and Kuala Lumpur.

Her interests in AI include deep learning for language understanding, decision trees and logistic regression for business analytics and user prediction, and also Bayesian latent variable models for knowledge modeling.

Now isn’t that amazing! You can connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

The Wairoes campaign is a collaboration between AI4EU - Europe’s AI-On-Demand Platform and Women in AI to celebrate and increase the visibility of women working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

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Women in AI & Anna Nordell-Westling/Sana Labs