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31 January, 2024
Society Ethics

AI-on-Demand is a partner in AI Tech Summit 2024

AI-on-Demand (AIoD) is pleased to announce its support to the AI Tech Summit as a distinguished media partner, taking place in April 2024 in Spain and spotlighting its mission to amplify AI excellence across Europe.



ai tech summit

The event

AIoD (AI-on-Demand) is poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming AI Tech Summit, showcasing its role not just as a participant but as a key media partner. This partnership underscores AIoD's commitment to fostering the dissemination and communication of AI excellence made in Europe to a global audience, leveraging its array of services designed to increase visibility, reach, and engagement for European-funded AI projects​.

The AI Tech Summit, set to take place on 17-18 April 2024 in Málaga, Spain, is a premier event dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in AI and its applications. By aligning with the summit, AIoD aims to further its mission of promoting AI research and innovation, facilitating knowledge sharing, and encouraging collaboration within the AI community​​. The summit itself is committed to inspiring innovation, fostering connections, and shaping the future of AI, making it an ideal platform for AIoD to contribute to the discourse on the ethical and practical implications of AI technologies​​.

Furthermore, AIoD's platform is a testament to its dedication to building a comprehensive ecosystem for AI innovation in Europe. By providing tools for experimentation, showcasing business innovations enabled by AI, and fostering a vibrant community informed about the latest AI and robotics projects, AIoD stands as a pivotal figure in the European AI landscape​​.


AIoD's Role

AIoD, through its participation in the AI Tech Summit, exemplifies its broader goals to support European-funded projects by enhancing their communication and dissemination activities. The event's participants will be able to visit the AIoD booth, in which they will have the opportunity to explore firsthand the platform's extensive resources, including tools for research, innovation showcases, and community engagement initiatives. This hands-on experience is aimed at demonstrating how AIoD supports European-funded AI projects through enhanced visibility, networking, and collaboration opportunities. The booth will serve as a hub for engaging discussions, allowing attendees to learn more about AIoD's contributions to the AI ecosystem and its impact on advancing AI research and innovation across Europe.

As AIoD steps onto the stage at the AI Tech Summit, its role extends beyond that of a media partner; it acts as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, a supporter of AI excellence, and a builder of bridges within the AI community. This collaboration is not just an opportunity to spotlight the achievements and services of AIoD but also to underline the importance of collective efforts in advancing AI for the betterment of society globally.


For more information, check the AI Tech Summit website:

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