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21 March, 2024

Robotics4EU's Legacy on the AI-on-Demand Platform

The transition of Robotics4EU's outcomes to the AI-on-Demand (AIoD) platform heralds a significant stride in European AI innovation. As Robotics4EU concludes its journey, its assets find a permanent home within AIoD, a community-driven platform dedicated to fostering excellence in AI research and development. By integrating Robotics4EU's insights, reports, and tools, AIoD becomes a comprehensive resource hub, enriching the European AI landscape with valuable guidance on responsible robotics. Through AIoD, users gain access to a wide array of resources, from publications to innovative tools like the Responsible Robotics Compass and the VR exhibition. This integration not only ensures the continued accessibility and dissemination of Robotics4EU's findings but also catalyses collaboration and knowledge sharing within the robotics community, propelling European AI innovation to new heights.

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The conclusion of Robotics4EU marks the beginning of a new chapter as its outcomes find a lasting home on the AI-on-Demand (AIoD) platform. Designed as a community-driven channel, AIoD empowers European research and innovation in AI, emphasising the European seal of quality, trustworthiness, and explainability.

While the AIoD primarily focuses on addressing AI-related technical challenges, the integration of Robotics4EU assets on it brings valuable guidance on non-technological aspects, particularly in the realm of AI-based robotics. Here's where you can discover the Robotics4EU outcomes within the AIoD ecosystem:

  • Publications: Access reports, infographics, and factsheets can be found in the AIoD Open API.
  • Responsible Robotics Compass: Navigate and try this novel self-assessment tool under the Innovation section.
  • VR Exhibition: Explore the virtual systems of 17 robotics companies under the Innovation section.
  • Events: Stay updated on the robotics community activities through the dedicated Community Portal.

The integration of Robotics4EU content into the AIoD, with an ecosystem of approximately 1,100 users, has successfully established a virtual knowledge hub for the responsible robotics community within the broader European AI landscape. This collaborative effort between the Robotics4EU consortium, the AIoD team, and the robotics community has resulted in a space that fosters connection, collaboration, and insights sharing.

The integration of Robotics4EU assets into AIoD achieves:

  1. Dissemination of Project Results: Ensuring accessibility post-completion.
  2. Centralised Project Information: Enhancing widespread dissemination and visibility.
  3. Guidance on Non-Technological Aspects: Covering all four priority areas: Agri-food, Inspection & Maintenance, Healthcare, and Agile Production.
  4. Analyses and Reports: Across all four priority areas mentioned above.
  5. Access to the Robotics Responsible Compass: Universally available.
  6. Provision of AI-related Technological Tools: Offered by the AIoD.
  7. User-friendly, Open-source Information Sharing: Fostering collaboration and accessibility.

Robotics4EU proudly stands as one of the inaugural AIoD projects fully integrated into the platform, setting a benchmark for others and showcasing the extensive capabilities and scope of this dynamic platform. The legacy of Robotics4EU lives on, shaping the future of responsible robotics within the European AI ecosystem. Explore, connect, and innovate on the AI-on-Demand platform—a testament to the collaborative spirit driving technological advancements.

Author: Joana Martinheira (LOBA)

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