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19 September, 2023

Help us make hiring fair! | Please spread

Spread the word to combat automated job discrimination! Firms rely on algorithms, often disadvantaging women, migrants, and marginalized groups. We're developing anti-bias tools and need real CVs for testing. Support our cause by sharing and donating CVs at



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Share this call with as many people as possible and help us fight against automated discrimination in job application procedures!

Companies are increasingly using automated systems to help process job applications. These systems rely on algorithms. We know from many examples that the implementation of automated systems can lead to unfair treatment of women, migrants, and other marginalized people. That means there is less chance of them getting a job compared to others. In other words, these algorithms can lead to discrimination on the job market.

We want to change that – by developing tools to detect and avoid injustices in job application processes! To do so, we need real CVs to test how injustices creep into job selection systems. Based on those real CVs we create artificial CVs and use them to develop anti-discrimination methods.

We want to put an end to this kind of unjust treatment. Help us develop tools against discrimination by spreading the word.

What can you do? Share our call (below) and motivate people in your network to donate their anonymized CVs. We create fake CVs by the help of those donated CVs. With this fake data, we develop and test algorithms that help detect and avoid discrimination in job selection processes. 

You can donate CVs here:

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