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23 September, 2021
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Education Space is Active & Seeking Your Contribution on AI4EU Platform

The long-awaited Education Catalogue of the Education Space is now published in a first test version at, where you can find information about AI education courses, initiatives, and related news.

Johan Axelsson


AI Edu

The catalogue aims to make a wide range of educational resources easily accessible for three specific groups of working professionals, students in higher education and teachers in secondary schools. 

Working professionals, they are in a dynamic workforce, faced with the challenges and opportunities of digitalization, thus their needs for re-skilling and upskilling are of ever-increasing importance.

Meanwhile, students in higher education across all disciplines and levels of education need to be equipped with knowledge in AI to fit the needs of industry and the rest of society.

Regarding teachers in secondary school, securing a strong AI future depends on Europe's youth. Exposing young students to AI concepts and aspects related to computational thinking early can help equip them in a world that is ever more digitalized.

From MOOCs, Study programs, distance courses or even tutorials, the AI4EU education space created an education platform that allows the three groups to find their relevant educational courses and training in AI.

The Space is seeking YOUR help to enrich the catalogue by contributing your education content and making it visible to the rest of Europe.

Please send an email to for further publication instructions.

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Johan Axelsson