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2 May, 2024

Meet the 50 New Projects that Joined the AIoD Community

2024 is going to be a year full of innovation and is already off to an inspiring start.
There are 50 new projects in the AIoD community in the areas of AI, Data and Robotics that aim to improve society. This new set of projects is funded by Horizon Europe, the leading funding program for research and innovation within the European Union.


​​​​​​Let’s meet them, shall we?

Category: European Network of AI excellence centre


A network of excellence for distributed, trustworthy, efficient and scalable AI at the Edge.


ELIAS aims to establish Europe as an AI research leader that drives sustainable innovation and economic development.



ENFIELD aims to create a unique European Centre of Excellence that excels in fundamental research in the pillars of Adaptive, Green, Human-Centric, and Trustworthy AI.



Category: Open Innovation



A prominent open challenge prize programme that will serve as a benchmark for the European AI community.


Category: Natural language understanding and interaction in advanced language technologies (AI, Data and Robotics partnership) (RIA)



Multilingual and Cross-cultural interactions for context-aware and bias-controlled dialogue systems for safety-critical applications.

Meetween aims to build the AI-based technology solutions needed to power Europe's next generation of video conferencing platforms and enable smooth, engaging, and barrier-free collaboration across languages, geographies, and time zones.


Democratising trustworthy and efficient large language model technology for Europe.



Category: Efficient trustworthy AI- making the best of data (AI, Data and Robotics partnership) (RIA) 



AI-Ops Framework for Automated, Intelligent and Reliable Data/AI Pipelines Lifecycle with Humans in-the-Loop and Coupling of Hybrid Science-Guided and AI Models.


Explainable Trustworthy Brain-like AI for Data Intensive Applications.



Trustworthy Efficient AI for Cloud-Edge Computing.


Reliable AI and Data Optimisation.



Category: Integration of data life cycle, architectures, and standards for complex data cycles and/or human factors, language (AI, Data and Robotics partnership) (RIA).



Common European Data Spaces and Robust AI for Transparent Public Governance.


  • CyclOps

Automated end-to-end data life cycle management for FAIR data integration, processing, and re-use.


A modular, secure, trust-sensitive, platform-neutral environment for the networked sharing of data.


  • NOUS

A catalyst for European cloud services in the era of data spaces, high performance and edge computing.


AI-Enabled Data Lifecycles Optimisation and Data Spaces Integration for Increased Efficiency and Interoperability.



Category: Technologies and solutions for data trading, monetising, exchange, and interoperability (AI, Data and Robotics Partnership) (IA).



DATAMITE empowers European companies by delivering a modular, open-source and multi-domain Framework to improve data Monetization, Interoperability, Trading, and Exchange in the form of software modules, training, and business materials.


Federated decentralised trusted data Marketplace for Embedded finance.


Promoting and Incentivising Federated, Trusted, and Fair Sharing and Trading of Interoperable Data Assets.


Universal Platform Components for Safe Fair Interoperable Data Exchange, Monetisation, and Trading.



Category: Cognitive computing continuum.



EMPYREAN will build collaborative collectives of computing and storage resources and deployed machines that we will call Associations.



Adaptive Scheduling and Deployments of Data Intensive Workloads on Energy Efficient Edge to Cloud Continuum.


Intent-based data operation in the cognitive computing continuum.


Multi-layer 360° dynamic orchestrion and interoperable design environment for compute-continuum Systems.



Application-level Swarm-based Orchestration Across the Cloud to Edge Continuum.


Category: AI for human empowerment (AI, Data and Robotics Partnership) (RIA).



AI4REALNET covers the perspective of AI-based solutions addressing critical systems (electricity, railway, and air traffic control) modelled by networks that can be simulated and traditionally operated by humans and where AI complements and augments human abilities.


Hybrid human-AI decision support for enhanced human empowerment in dynamic situations.


  • PEER

The hyper expert collaborative AI assistant.



TANGO aims to develop the theoretical foundations and the computational framework for synergistic human-machine decision-making.


THEMIS engages users through AI-driven interactive dialogues and helps them assess how trustworthy they think a particular AI decision is.



Category:  AI, Data and Robotics for industry optimisation (including production and services) (AI, Data and Robotics partnership) (IA).



Cooperative Robotics powered by AI and Data for flexible production cells.


Advanced, trustworthy AI and data solutions for individualised automated milking & feeding of dairy cows.



AI and process automation for sustainable entertainment and media.


Eliciting and exploiting procedural knowledge in industry 5.0.


Self-Configuring Multi-Step Robotic Workflows.


  • SoliDAIR

Solid, rapid and efficient adoption of Data, AI & Robotics applications in production.



Category: Pushing the limit of physical intelligence and performance (RIA)



Advancing the physical intelligence and performance of robots towards human-like bi-manual objects Manipulation.


Advancing Robots’ Autonomy and Physical Performance for Interaction and Rehabilitation.


The SPEAR project blends evolutionary computing and deep learning to create advanced aerial robots with unique morphologies and superior navigation tailored to their mission & environment.


  • SWAG

Soft Wearable Assistive Garments for human empowerment.



Category: Increased robotics capabilities demonstrated in key sectors (AI, Data and Robotics Partnership) (IA)



The goal of the AUTOASSESS project is to employ state-of-the-art AI and robotics to remove human surveyors out of harm’s way, while at the same time obtaining an accurate, repeatable, and quick vessel inspection.


The MAGICIAN project addresses products aesthetics and quality issues by facilitating tasks related to defects detection and rework through the use of robotics and artificial intelligence, and using human-robot cooperation and collaboration.


Socially-Acceptable and Trustworthy Human-Robot-Teaming for Agile Industries.


Robotics and AI to improve O&M tasks in different PV scenarios.



Category: Novel paradigms and approaches towards AI-driven autonomous robots (AI, Data and Robotics Partnership). (RIA)




Advanced AI and robotics for autonomous task performance.


Interactive robots that intuitively learn to invert tasks by reasoning about their execution.


  • IRE

Intelligent Robotic Endoscopes for Improved Healthcare Services.



In the development of tomorrow's robots, there is an anticipation for rapid and unforeseen adaptability in system structure or environment, ensuring trustworthy collaboration with humans by changing behaviour while maintaining or enhancing performance and safety.


Category: Industrial leadership in AI, data, and robotics – advanced human-robot interaction (AI Data and Robotics Partnership). (IA)




Agile, human-centric & real-time enabled open-source technologies advancing industrial HRI in Europe.


Multi-Modal and Multi-Aspect Holistic Human-Robot Interaction.


Intersubjective AI-driven multimodal interaction for advanced user-centric human robot collaborative applications.



Category: Large scale pilots on trustworthy AI, data, and robotics addressing key societal challenges (AI Data and Robotics Partnership). (IA)



A workplace of enhanced efficiency by optimal work sharing between humans and AI/robots.


Fostering Artificial Intelligence Trust for Humans towards the optimisation of trustworthiness through large-scale pilots in critical domains.



Safe, Healthy & Environmental Ship Recycling.


We are very proud to welcome such innovative projects. To more years like this!


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