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21 May, 2024

Enabling the EU AI Research Ecosystem: Discoverability of the AIoD Platform

On May 30, 2024, at 10 AM CET, the European AI on Demand Platform (AIoD) will spotlight its 2024 updates in an online seminar, emphasising the enhanced discoverability of AI resources. This event, part of a series organised by the VISION and AI4Europe projects for the European Networks of Excellence (NoEs) and the broader European AI ecosystem, will feature deep dives into the latest functionalities by the platform experts Rafael Tolosana-Calasanz and Joaquin Vanschoren.


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As a critical central hubfor boosting AI research across Europe, the AIoD aims to provide new tools and services designed to make AI resources more accessible and utilisable. The seminar will showcase live demonstrations of these tools, illustrating practical applications and immediate benefits for users, especially with the MyLibrary service.

The session will elaborate on the platform's sophisticated system architecture and the new identity management service, enhancing user experience. Furthermore, discussions will delve into the expanded metadata catalogue, which now includes over 500,000 AI assets. This upgrade not only facilitates easier resource navigation but also sets a new benchmark in resource discoverability, outstripping capabilities of established digital libraries like ACM and IEEE.

A highlight of the presentation will be the detailed demo and rationales of the updated MyLibrary interface. This revamped version supports a graphical exploration of AI assets and fosters better understanding through the visualisation of relationships among various resources, thus significantly improving discoverability.

The seminar will conclude with a forward-looking discussion on potential expansions of the AIoD platform, focusing on enhancing backend and frontend services through the metadata catalogue.

This event is an effort to start engaging with the European AI research community, providing, and gathering vital insights into the platform’s enhancements and paving the way for ongoing innovations in the AI sector.


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