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25 May, 2022

Discover the AI4Media Roadmap on AI technologies and applications for the Media Industry!

AI4Media project has recently produced a Roadmap on AI technologies and applications for the Media that aims to provide a detailed overview of the complex landscape of AI for the media industry.



Roadmap on AI Technologies and Applications for the Media Industry

This Roadmap:

  • analyses the current status of AI technologies and applications for the media industry;
  • highlights existing and future opportunities for AI to transform media workflows, assist media professionals and enhance the user experience in different industry sectors;
  • offers useful examples of how AI technologies are expected to benefit the industry in the future; and
  • discusses facilitators, challenges and risks for the wide adoption of AI by the media.

The Roadmap is available HERE.

It comprises 40 white papers discussing different AI technologies and multimedia applications, the use of AI in different media sectors, AI risks for the society and economy, legal and ethical aspects and latest EU regulations, AI datasets, benchmarks & open repositories, and opportunities in the time of the pandemic, environmental aspects and many more. The analysis is complemented by short vignettes vividly showcasing the potential of AI for the media industry.

The Roadmap also presents the results of a large-scale online survey that collected the opinions of AI researchers and media industry professionals with regard to the benefits, risks, technological trends, challenges, and ethics of AI use in the media industry.

Check our Roadmap now and discover how AI can transform the media industry!

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