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14 February, 2023

Check out StairwAI's Matchmaking Service Layer Infographic

As it's Valentine's Day, we thought we'd share details of our Matchmaking Service Layer for the AI-on-Demand Platform, which will be releasing later this year!


StairwAI's Matchmaking Service Layer uses Natural Language Processing to match SME needs with AI resources, tools, courses, assets, and data-sets. The matchmaking service also helps dimension hardware needs.

The Matchmaking Service Layer will use Natural Language Processing to create multilingual interaction on the AIoD, allowing users to engage with the Platform using their own language. StairwAI's Horizontal Matchmaking tool will connect users to the resources they are looking for based on their input, matching them with AI assets, AI experts, datasets, courses and more! The Vertical Matchmaking solution will help users dimension their hardware needs and connect them to available resources!

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