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18 January, 2022

EU Login for Convenient Access to AI4EU Experiments Platform

The AI4EU Experiments platform is an open space for AI developers. You can now access the platform very conveniently with the EU login, the European Commission's single sign-on user authentication service. A login is necessary for users to fully benefit from the entire services palette the AI4EU Experiments platform offers: As an authenticated user, you can upload AI resources such as data or models and create your own AI solutions. Everyone interested in AI technologies is welcome to sign in, collaborate, share their ideas, and join the European AI community!

AI4EU – by Martin Welss & Inga Daase


Padlock representing login service to platform

Provided by the European Commission, the EU login is the single sign-on user authentication service allowing access to a wide range of web services, using a single email address and password. The EU login is manufacturer-independent and has more than 6 million active users from the European Commission, EU institutions and agencies as well as external users. It is quick and easy to create an EU login account. Alternatively, you can gain access via selected social media accounts.

The AI4EU Experiments platform is now also available through the EU login. If you already possess a login to the AI4EU Experiments platform, we recommend using the same email address for the new EU login procedure. Your email address serves as identifier to seamlessly map your account. In this way, you can get a quick overview of your past contributions, such as the resources you already uploaded.

Providing access to the AI4EU Experiments platform via the EU login is a key step to integrating the platform into the European AI ecosystem. The seamless login functionality will make the collaboration between various AI related European projects and initiatives even easier. We invite you to check out the new and convenient access to the AI4EU Experiments platform: Collaborate with other AI enthusiasts on human-centered and trustworthy AI solutions, profit from visual and intuitive design methods, create hybrid AI technologies and let existing applications inspire and guide you!


EU login:

The AI4EU Experiments platform:

Three simple steps: Create an EU login, sign in on the AI4EU Experiments platform and join the European AI community!

EU Login Screenshot
Step 1: Access the EU login page and create an account to gain access to various EU services including the AI4EU Experiments platform.
AI4EU Experiments Screenshot Login
Step 2: Access the AI4EU Experiments platform, click on “sign in” and enter your EU login data.
AI4EU Experiments Screenshot After Login
Step 3: After the successful login, you can contribute AI resources, access the design studio, collaborate, and become an active member of the European AI community!

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AI4EU – by Martin Welss & Inga Daase