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11 March, 2022
Business Health - The High-Level Forum on the EU Vision for Trustworthy AI in the World

The European Commission in the frame of organises the European AI Excellence and Trust in the World at the World EXPO Dubai from 15-16 March 2022. The event leverages the international stage at the EXPO to present the EU approaches to AI at a global level.

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EU AI at EXPO Dubai

Countries' leaders, policymakers, experts, academics, civil society representatives and artists from all around the world will join the EC in a series of events including the High-Level Forum on the EU Vision for Trustworthy AI in the World, AI Walk, expert workshops on sustainability and health. The speakers and panellists will share their diverse perspectives, learnings, and possibilities in the events that will take place in the two days at pavilions of selected EU countries presenting at the EXPO.

The event organisers invite all AI enthusiasts in the world and those who care and are concerned about how AI is being and will be developed, regulated and adopted following the EU values of human-centred and the development of AI with ecosystems of trust and excellence.

YOU must register HERE to attend the events set out in the comprehensive agenda HERE.

Take your seats TODAY and join the discussions to ensure YOUR voices are heard and YOUR ideas matter.

The High-Level Forum on the EU Vision for Trustworthy AI in the World

Hosting at the Pavilion Italia and broadcasting live, the Forum presents high-level representatives and experts from Europe and around the world to discuss EU efforts to pursue Trustworthy AI at the global level. 

Apart from the keynotes by EC and countries’ leaders, a high-level panel bring the audience series of hot topics, focuses and concerns on AI in different territories and organisations.

Expert Workshop on AI for Sustainability

The AI for Sustainability workshop features three EU projects in energy (I-NERGY), smart and sustainable cities (AI4Cities) and precision agriculture (Cybele). The projects showcase how AI is being developed and applied in the areas to ensure sustainable growth while achieving both digital and green transitions of the EU.

A Panel of renowned academics and industries experts also shares their learnings and the way forwards in such AI-enabled innovation in sustainable growth.

Expert Workshop on AI for Health

Health is one of the pioneering areas in adopting AI solutions for healthcare systems, treatments, diagnostics, precision medicine, pharmaceutical products and many more.

The workshop displays three examples of European AI excellence in healthcare, including robots, AI in oncology, and algorithms for diagnosing, treating, and predicting haematological diseases. A panel discussion with international experts will bring perspectives on the practical implications of AI in healthcare, including how to ensure that these technologies are developed with adequate consideration for their social and ethical aspects. 

AI Walk & InTouchAIeu Art Performance 

The AI Walk is a collection of AI cases from different EU pavilions designed as an overview of AI excellence at EXPO 2020. Each AI case will be showcased on a web board, focusing on different human-centric aspects. 

The AI art performance is presented by Franz Rosati, a musician & digital artist, showing what AI can co-create with artists and how artists can use AI in their creative process.

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