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26 October, 2022
Business Funding

StairwAI Launches 2nd Open Call for SMEs

Looking for Low-Tech SMEs to improve their products, services, or value chains with AI! Apply by 15th December 2022



StairwAI 2nd Open Call apply by 15th December

StairwAI, is a European Union-funded project which aims to facilitate the engagement of low-tech companies in the AI4EU platform and the implementation of AI.

The project has launched its second Open Call or funding opportunity for low-tech small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that do not have immediate access or knowledge on AI techniques to improve their products, services, or value chains with the support of AI Experts and High Computing Cloud Providers.

Selected companies will take part in a 6-month program and will receive up to €60,000, that includes:

  • €26,000 lump sum: to cover participation expenses
  • €10,000 access to hardware providers (vouchers)
  • €24,000 access to AI talent mentorship (vouchers)

Who can apply?

StairwAI is looking for low-tech SMEs from any industry to test and validate AI resources to improve their products, services, or value chains focusing on one of the call-specific challenges.

The project considers low-tech SMEs as any company that is:

  • AI Unaware: It has heard about AI but it is unaware of its applications.
  • AI Aware: It is a savvy consumer of AI solutions and is capable of identifying use cases for AI applications.

Applicant SMEs must also be established in:

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