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17 February, 2023
Business Funding

AI DIH Webinar 2023 Series for the latest in AI

Would you like to be up to date on the latest developments of AI in Europe, learn about the latest tools, and grasp the current AI funding?
If your answer is YES, we invite you to join our series of webinars for DIH and SMEs!


Join us for our DIH Webinar Series, 28th February, 23rd March, and 18th April

The DIH4AI project “AI on-demand platform for regional Digital Innovation Hubs Network” is a European H2020 call on Artificial Intelligence, a project that gathers and provides access to  AI-related knowledge, algorithms and tools and access to related infrastructures, equipment, and data resources, offering also experts support to potential users of AI in order to facilitate the integration of AI into applications.

If you are a DIH or SME developing services in AI, we would like you to be a part of our AI DIH Webinar Series where you can find information about how can DIH benefit from the AIoD platform, ICT-49 mission, the latest tools in AI, the current funding opportunities in AI and much more!

If this sounds interesting to you, register for our webinars below and grow your ecosystem within the AI community!

Register Now: 

Webinar 1: AI DIH Webinar#1 Opportunities for DIH collaborations –  Learn how to improve your DIH with AI

Webinar 2: AI DIH Webinar#2 AI marketplace for DIHs –  Discover new services and tools from AI projects

Webinar 3: AI DIH Webinar#3 Upgrade your DIH with new funding opportunities - Overview of public funding

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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