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24 March, 2023

AI4Media releases the Strategic Research Agenda on AI for the Media Industry!

AI4Media announces the release of the Strategic Research Agenda on AI for the Media Industry, which lays out the main research directions, current challenges, potential impact for media industry applications, and more.



AI4Media Strategic Research Agenda

There is overwhelming agreement that Artificial Intelligence will drive the majority of innovation across nearly every industry sector in the next decade. The media industry should be ready to exploit new AI advances but also mitigate possible risks, in order to enjoy the full potential of this technology and transform the industry.

The AI4Media Network of Excellence plays an important role in this transformation, by bringing together leading researchers and industry players in this domain to strengthen the competitiveness and growth of the European media industry and increase Europe’s innovation capacity in media AI.

This Strategic Research Agenda lays out the strategic plan for AI4Media's R&I activities, presenting the main research themes to be tackled by the consortium, explaining the current challenges, the research directions that need to be pursued to address them, the media industry applications, and the potential impact of this research.

The AI4Media SRA aims to become a useful source of information for AI researchers, media practitioners and policymakers.

You can access the document here!

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