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6 December, 2021

AI4EU Stakeholder Forum Showcases Results & Future of EU AI Platform & Ecosystem

AI4EU Stakeholder Forum will gather European AI experts, researchers, innovators, and enthusiasts together for two days from 9-10 Dec 2021, in Bologna, Italy. The Forum showcases the results of the AI4EU project including its AI-on-demand platform and the ecosystems and the future possibilities of those in the coming years.
The final event, held in hybrid format, offers rich agenda with two major themes: Empowering SMEs with AI and the European AI Research Community.



Stakeholder Forum

Empowering SMEs with AI

The first day presents insights on EU plans and views for European AI Strategy by representatives from the European Commission. The presentation also includes Horizon Europe, Digital Europe and other programmes that are available for SMEs and other AI communities to boost their innovations and development of AI solutions across industries and areas.

The SMEs will learn how to navigate funding and other resources and support available for them in a session titled EU AI Ecosystems and Funding Opportunities. They will also learn about channels and services for their exploitation of their innovations and solutions on the Platform and via the Platform.

Examples from AI4EU pilots will provide the audience with the real experience and journeys of how the Platform is being enriched and useful for the AI solutions that have been developed to improve processes and services in the public sector, agriculture, environment, and others.

The regional networks, represented by the Digital Innovation Hubs, provides participants with extended resources and nodes that they can seek supports and connections in the development of AI solutions and applications that suit the settings. 

While SMEs receive a new focus in investment and development policies, they do have special needs and mechanisms for them to take up in both the application of AI in their businesses and in the generation of AI solutions. The European subject matter experts will present those challenges and strategies needed to really support the SMEs to take off strongly in the coming years.

European AI Research Community

The second day offers a presentation about the AI4EU concept and needs of the European AI research community, including the overall landscape and AI policies that mobilise the strengths and competencies of the European AI research community.

Representatives from AI research networks, such as AI4Media, TAILOR and VISION, will show the European AI Networks’ supports for the EU AI research community by connecting and facilitating them with industries, building collaboration programmes while providing strategic research and innovation roadmaps for the related parties.

The research community will learn first-hand how they can use the AI4EU technical components of the Platform, including the experiment one, so they can leverage the available resources including AI algorithms, data models, technical steps for whatever experiment and creation they are working on.

One of the key aspects in building a strong European AI ecosystem is talent development, not only at the higher education for training AI expertise but also at the wider society for AI usages and applications. The topic will be discussed by renowned AI experts who introduce European approaches to AI education, the fundamental AI methodologies, and AI upskilling initiatives.

The last session brings the European unique AI approach of trustworthy AI, which Europe had launched and led a series of initiatives to ensure that the EU is the global hub for trustworthy AI and is driving a safe and trustworthy culture of development and application of AI.

The event, held in Bologna in collaboration with the University of Bologna, is the last of a series of public AI4EU events across Europe. 

This is a free-access event however, registration is required for organisational purposes and health measures need. Please complete the Event Registration Form and join us!

AI4EU is the European Union’s landmark Artificial Intelligence project, which aims to develop a European AI ecosystem bringing together the available knowledge, algorithms, tools, and resources, making it a compelling solution for users.

AI4EU facilitates collective work regarding AI research, innovation, and business in Europe by sharing AI expertise, knowledge, and tools with its Platform. AI4EU aims to make AI available to everyone.


Venue: Hotel I Portici, Via dell’Indipendenza 69, IT-40121 Bologna


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