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2 November, 2023

AI4Copernicus at EBDVF 2023

A couple of months before the end of the AI4Copernicus project, our partnership participated at the European Big Data Value Forum 2023 – EBDVF 2023 which will took place between 25-27 October 2023 in Valencia, Spain.



AI4Copernicus at EBDVF

AI4Copernicus was represented by partners, Manolis Koubarakis, UoA and Michele Lazarrini, SATCEN, on Friday 27 October 2023, at 11.30 -12.30 CET with a dedicated session titled Bringing Copernicus data to the AI-on-demand Platform, while the AI4Europe project also participated in this session represented by Denia Kanellopoulou, NCSR-D.

More specifically, the session presented the results of the Horizon 2020 project AI4Copernicus, which aims to bridge the European Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation ecosystems by making the AI-on-Demand Platform, the digital environment of choice for users of Copernicus data.

The session (60 minutes) was organised as follows:

  • Introduction to the session (Manolis Koubarakis, 5 minutes)
  • The AI-on-Demand platform (Denia Kanellopoulou, NCSR Demokritos, 10 minutes)
  • Bringing Copernicus data to the AI-on-demand platform: the project AI4Copernicus (Manolis Koubarakis,UoA 10 minutes)
  • Bootstrapping services and resources in AI4Copernicus and their role in developing Earth Observation Applications (Michele Lazzarini, SATCEN, 10 minutes)
  • EarthQA: A question answering engine for Earth observation data (Manolis Koubarakis, UoA 10 minutes)
  • Conclusions and discussion (All, 15 minutes)


Mr Koubarakis presenting AI4Copernicus project

AI4Copernicus EBDVF


Mrs Denia Kanellopoulou presenting AI4Europe & AI-on-Demand Platform

AI4Copernicus at EBDVF_2


Mr Lazzarini presenting the Bootstrapping services and resources in AI4Copernicus

AI4Copernicus at EBDVF_3


Conclusions & Discussion

AI4Copernicus at EBDVF_4

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