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01.06.2023 - 12:49

AI Maturity Assessments Online reccomendation tool

This tool helps SMEs find suitable AI Maturity Assessments according to their needs


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The DIH4AI partners fortissFraunhofer IFFCzech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics and DIGIHALL - Digital Innovation Hub jointly developed an online recommendation tool for SMEs to find suitable AI Maturity Assessments according to their needs. Using the tool only takes around 5 minutes, is free of charge and contains no further obligations. The tool is available here:
The tool serves as a pilot to test the acceptance and usability as well as a to get a better understanding of SMEs needs. Please note that the tool does not contain an exhaustive amount of Maturity Assessments available on the market and is based on publicly available information about each too
If you are an SME we invite you to test the tool and provide us feedback.If you are a DIH, contact us if you provide own AI Maturity Assessments that you would like to include in our recommendation tool. You can contact us via: