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1 February, 2023

AI-on-Demand Communication and Dissemination services

The AI-on-Demand platform (AIoD) is currently developing a series of communication and dissemination services for European-funded projects that are associated with the AIoD.

These services aim to support the projects’ dissemination and communication activities, increasing their visibility, reach, and engagement, contributing to spreading the AI excellence made in Europe worldwide, and ultimately contributing to a positive impact on society.
More information and specific guidelines for these services will be shortly made available, but for now, we hope this information provides some light into what we are working on.


The logo of the AI-on-Demand Platform

1. AIoD branding & communication guidelines

European-funded projects that are part of the AIoD community will be encouraged to communicate their association with the AIoD by integrating the AIoD reference or “trademark” in their identity (logo). As soon as the AIoD branding is finalised more information will be made available, including guidelines on how to use the AIoD branding and trademark and additional communication materials & tools to support the communication under the scope of AIoD.

2. D&C through the AIoD Platform

The AIoD Platform offers a Contribution Gateway that AIoD community members can use to disseminate and communicate their objectives, news, or results. Thus, via the Contribution Gateway, users can upload their Organization, their Case Studies, AI Assets, Projects, News, Events, Open Calls and Educational Material. The Contribution Gateway was initially implemented during the former AI4EU project and it is currently being improved with a redesign of the user interface and extended with new features. European-funded projects can use the current version of the Contribution Gateway, by uploading relevant content (create a profile and upload news/events) More information HERE.

  • Website builder Currently AIoD is exploring the options of offering an open-source licensed Word Press theme to the various new European-funded projects. These Word Press templates will have “connectors” for automatically linking content with the AIoD platform. In the upcoming months, this will be materialised further and detailed information will be made available. For projects that are currently building their websites, it is recommended the use of “Word Press” as it may ease in the near future to set up the “connectors” with AIoD platform in those websites.
  •  AIoD tool for newsletter builder The AIoD platform is offering a new feature, a “newsletter tool” that enables the owners of projects hosted on the AIoD Platform's management system to build their newsletter and then send it via email to all members of the Platform. Users of the AIoD platform can easily “follow a project” and receive its newsletters. More information HERE.

3. Dissemination through AIoD Newsletter

AIoD will release periodic newsletters to its subscribers. Among other content, content from European-funded projects will be featured in this newsletter.

4. Promotion via AIoD social media

European-funded projects will be able to promote their content via the AIoD social media channels, namely Twitter and LinkedIn, benefitting from the visibility of the large community. Projects will have two ways for featuring their content:

  • Mention AIoD (using the handle @AIonDemand) in the post published on the project’s social media channel. Then AIoD communication team will validate the content and share it.
  • Submit a request to AIoD communication team via an online form (soon available) with the information that the project would like to publish.

5. Event support & sponsorship as a promotional partner

European-funded projects organising events will be able to request support from AIoD in the form of:

  • having AIoD as a promotional partner: promotion of the event, call for papers, speaker, etc through AIoD channels (platform, social media, newsletter and mass mailing, and press release if applicable);
  • supporting the identification speakers/experts, using AIoD large community;
  • supporting the organisation of joint events for the participation of several projects or clusters.

6. Participate in Web Cafés

The Web Café offers a series of live web sessions on AI-related topics. The Web Cafés are 1 hour long, free of charge and open to the public. On one hand, AI Experts (scientists, developers, researchers, Industrial/business experts, entrepreneurs, artists) from the AI-on-Demand ecosystem, other European AI Initiatives, or recommended experts, are invited to participate in the Web Café as speakers. On the other hand, anybody interested in AI-related topics can attend the web cafés, join the community, gain insights into the European AI scene, share knowledge and experiences and meet stakeholders from various areas of AI research.

7. Press Releases

AIoD communication team can support the distribution of Press Releases through a database of journalists and media outlets. However, to ensure successful media coverage it is recommended to establish close media relations, and this type of support AIoD will not be able to provide. The press releases need to be developed by the projects. Media coverage is not guaranteed.

8. Consultancy on communication support

European-funded projects will be able to request to schedule a meeting with the AIoD communication team, to present and discuss their communication and dissemination strategies and actions, as well as how AIoD can support the increase of their visibility and impact. Projects will be also able to benefit from the AI ecosystem that the AI on demand is constructing together with Adra-e and the networks of excellence.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact the AIoD communication team at

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