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10.02.2021 | 15:00 - 16:00 (CET)

AI4EU Cafe: “Employing AI for the semantic analysis of conventional and immersive video”

On Wednesday, Feb 10th, at 3 pm (CET) the AI4EU Cafe has presented the Speaker:
Hannes Fassold (Senior researcher at the Machine Vision Applications Group of the DIGITAL institute at JOANNEUM RESEARCH)
with his talk on:
“Employing AI for the semantic analysis of conventional and immersive video”

Talk description

Description: AI-based methods are nowadays the best choice for automatic extraction of semantic metadata from archive content. In this session, will describe our experience employing deep learning algorithms for face detection and recognition as well as general object detection and tracking. We will discuss the current state of these methods and highlight issues which are still remaining, like the ethnic bias occurring in all face recognition methods trained on public datasets. We will then present use cases how these methods can help archives to annotate and exploit their content in a more convenient way. We address here not only conventional video content, but also emerging content types like immersive video, which pose new challenges for archives. We will show how face recognition and scene object extraction can be used for the semi-automatic annotation of video content and for automatic cinematography / editing of a 360° video.