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17.07.2024 | 10:30 - 18:00 (CET)

Inside the Black Box: BIAS at the EASST-4S 2024

Explore the role of AI in hiring and recruitment at the "Inside the Black Box: BIAS" workshop during the EASST-4S 2024 conference. Join us on June 17th, from 10:30–18:00 CEST at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, to compare AI and human decisions in evaluating job candidates. Engage in interactive activities and provide feedback to improve AI-enhanced hiring processes. Organized by NTNU, BFH, and LOBA.

Inside the Black Box: BIAS at the EASST-4S 2024

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in hiring and recruitment for screening, ranking and evaluating job candidates. How fair is the decision generated by AI compared with a human’s decision? If you’re around the EASST-4S 2024 conference, pay us a visit at our workshop session, “Inside the Black Box: BIAS at the EASST-4S 2024.” on June 17th, from 10:30–18:00 CEST. This interactive event, designed to challenge and ignite curiosity, will take place as part of the STS Making & Doing program sessions, running from July 16th to 19th in Amsterdam.

Event Highlights:

  • Explore AI in HR: Understand how Artificial Intelligence is being used in human resource management for selecting, ranking, and evaluating workers.
  • Fairness in Recruitment: Delve into questions of fairness in the recruitment process and discover how AI can mitigate human bias or exacerbate discrimination.

Interactive Experience:

  1. You’ll read a job description and choose the ranking criteria you consider most important, such as experience, education, or language skills.
  2. You will let the AI assess candidates based on your input.
  3. You can step inside the “black box” to make your own selections and rankings, based on the 4 profiles of different candidates.
  4. You will exit the black box and compare your choices with the AI’s decisions to see where they align and where they differ.

Feedback and Collaboration:

  • Your thoughts and feedback on the activity will be invaluable. By sharing your insights, you will help the STS community and our project, BIAS, rethink AI-enhanced hiring processes.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to delve into the future of fair hiring practices. Step inside the black box with us and explore how we can create a more equitable recruitment process together.

Register now and secure your spot for an enlightening experience!

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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

July 17 2024, 10:30–18:00 CEST

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