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30.05.2024 | 10:00 - 11:00 (CET)

Enabling the EU AI Research Ecosystem: Discoverability of the AIoD Platform

This seminar provides in-depth knowledge of the AIoD’s latest features and strategic improvements, empowering participants to effectively discover and utilise AI resources.

May Seminar: Enabling the EU AI Research Ecosystem

In this seminar, platform experts Rafael Tolosana-Calasanz and Joaquin Vanschoren will guide you through:

  • System Architecture
  • Identity Management Service
  • Metadata Catalogue
  • MyLibrary Interface
  • Future Enhancements

The seminars will provide potential users with an overview of AI4Europe, the AIoD Platform of the 2024 early release and the ways forward for the Platform in the coming months. Moreover, everyone is welcome who wishes to provide the AIoD Platform developers with their insights on demands, practical approaches and wishes for the Platform, which has plans to grow and to be useful to the EU AI ecosystem in the coming years.

Target Audience

This seminar is suited for:

  • Researchers and scientists
  • Innovators
  • Industries and professionals
  • AI enthusiasts and early adopters
  • Policymakers