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18.04.2023 | 11:00 - 12:30 (CET)

AI DIH Webinar#3 Upgrade your DIH with new funding opportunities

Overview of public funding

DIH Webinar 3: Upgrade your DIH with new funding opportunities

Digital transformation is a priority for all European stakeholders, especially SMEs. This has been accelerated after the COVID-19 crisis. The deployment of digital technologies, in special AI, and the necessary digital skills for the EU workforce as well as key digital infrastructures, require public and private investment. SMEs need to be supported to succeed in the digital transformation journey, therefore this webinar will explore challenges and mechanisms to support SMEs to take full advantage of key technologies such as AI. Some success stories will also be shared.

This session offers the opportunity to learn more about the public funding opportunities for SMEs, discover DIH success stories, and be informed firsthand of available monies to help your ecosystem scale up.

The Workshop will cover the following schedule:

1. Introduction to the session, FundingBox

2. Private financing mechanisms for the digitization of SMEs,

3. Public funding mechanisms, FundingBox

4. Questions&Answers

5. Exchange of experiences on financing issues for the digital transformation of SMEs. Round table with the participation of a maximum of 4 organisations (SMEs and enterprise associations)

Are you ready to unlock the power of collaboration and funding to bring the SMEs within your ecosystem to the next level?

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