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28.02.2023 | 11:00 - 12:30 (CET)

AI DIH Webinar#1 Opportunities for DIH collaborations

Learn how to improve your DIH with AI

DIH Webinar 1: Opportunities for DIH Collaborations

The DIH Roadshow webinar trilogy provides the chance for DIHs to learn about opportunities targeting DIHs, access to services to facilitate AI adoption, and foster collaboration opportunities.

The webinars will introduce opportunities to engage with the AI ecosystem, get access to platforms and networks and contribute to build the future of the  “AI on-demand platform” through the Pre-PAI project. .

The platform serves as a catalyst to aid AI-based innovation, resulting in new products, services, and solutions to benefit European industry, commerce, and society. By bringing people together, the community resource seeks to address the fragmentation of the European AI landscape and facilitate technology transfer from research to business, therefore the vision of your DIHs is of very much interest for us.

The first webinar will be presenting the opportunities for DIH collaborations in the framework of different EU projects ” and the outcomes of the ICT-49 projects targeting the DIH ecosystem. Participants will be informed about opportunities for collaboration and get practical information on how to become part of or contribute to some of the AI networks of Digital Innovation Hubs.

The invited initiatives will present the offer and opportunities available for EDIHs collaboration by presenting new tools, and initiatives that foster DIHs collaboration.

Would you like to learn more about opportunities for DIH collaboration? Are you looking for opportunities to connect your EDIH with other EDIHs in Europe working on AI?

This webinar is for you if you are in the quest for new ideas and tools.

The session will be led by Maria Roca, DIHs Lead from FundingBox and Sergio Gusmeroli, DIH4AI project coordinator from Politecnico di Milano, to help you build all the knowledge around different collaboration opportunities to support the SMEs from your ecosystem.

Join us for a session full of knowledge and growth opportunities for your stakeholders on the following topics: 

1. Welcome and Introduction, Maria Roca, FundingBox

2. Opportunities for (E)DIHs, Maria Roca, FundingBox

3. Summary of the BonsAPPs DIH survey (2022), Yolanda Moreno, FundingBox

4. DIH4AI: D-BEST methodology tools for DIH

5. ICT-49 activities towards DIH

6. Wrap-up & Closing

Join our session and help your ecosystem scale up with AI!

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