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On the 12th November 2020, The Observatory has launched the Working Groups (WGs) on Ethical and Legal AI, which is part of the AI4EU ac

On the 12th November 2020, The Observatory has launched the Working Groups (WGs) on Ethical and Legal AI, which is part of the AI4EU activities. The main goal of the WGs is to create an active community of experts from different fields that reflect together on Ethical, Legal, Socio-economic and Cultural issues of AI (ELSEC AI). The groups aims also to cooperate with industry, in particular with SMEs in Europe, to offer inputs and support in addressing practical questions about Trustworthy AI. 

The Observatory's approach to the creation of the WGs is guided by the following criteria:

o Multidisciplinary perspective: people from different backgrounds and countries who contribute with different viewpoints, methods of study and languages.

o Bottom-up approach: active participation from the very beginning with common objectives and flexible organisation.

o Experiential learning: learning from concrete case studies, mutual exchange of ideas and conversations with people form different sectors.

o Tangible outcomes: communication of the results achieved through events (Workshop in September 2021) and the AI4EU platform.

The kick-off meeting took place in conjunction with the Workshop of Trustworthy AI made in Europe: From Principle to Practice, that was held online on the 13th November 2020. At the second meeting 16 people attended, including other AI4EU members, and identified common areas of interest which include: Education, Social Awareness and Piloting Trustworthy AI:  


The group will, on the one hand, map the AI ethics courses currently offered in Europe. On the other hand, prepare some training activities or modules on AI ethics to achieve an even larger public. 

Social Awareness

The group will contribute a European citizen consultation on the attitude towards ethical issues of AI. The results will then be used to produce educational content for the general public to improve awareness. 

Piloting Trustworthy AI  

The group will consult European experts to understand their view on ELSEC AI. Also, they will identify case studies where to apply the European requirements for trustworthy AI and test available tools for the ethical and legal assessment.

The groups will meet regularly to produce outcomes that will be presented in a Workshop in September 2021. The workshop will be open to the AI4EU community, external experts and the general public. Depending on the measure covid-19 adopted, the workshop would be held in Venice, online or in both modalities. 

For further information, please contact the organisers. 

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