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Promoting European ethical, legal, cultural and socio-economic values for AI.


The AI4EU Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of research that deals with the study and the design of intelligent systems. AI has its roots in philosophy and computer science, and since its very beginning, it has addressed broad questions which span across domains such as psychology and engineering.

Given the versatility and interdisciplinary nature of its research questions, AI can be approached as both a science and a technology. With AI we can implement mechanisms that simulate the operation of the human brain. But AI also offers technology that accelerate the digital transformation of all aspects of our lives and is proving to be essential to the success of our digital economy in an increasingly connected world.

In order to be beneficial and trustworthy, this transformation requires an Ethical, Legal, Socio-Economic, and Cultural (ELSEC) framework.  It is clear that the political and legal process alone will not be enough to deal with issues that are complex and too fast-changing to be addressed adequately by legislation. For trust to flourish, an ethical approach, through which design and application of AI is aligned with human values, ethical principles and cultural differences will be equally important.

Technical Features


The AI4EU Platform should encourage discussion on the ELSEC aspects of AI, and ensure all relevant and interested parties and stakeholders are involved. The AI4EU Platform aims to achieve this objective by bringing together the private and public sectors, citizens, NGOs, public bodies and authorities, and academia to allow the discussion about EU ethical guidelines to keep them up with technological, social and political developments.

The AI4EU Platform offers a methodology for ethical design and verification of AI applications, and an ELSEC observatory. The primary function of the Observatory is to act as a clearinghouse of information about ethical, legal, socio-economic and cultural debates within the EU, as they unfold throughout the project, and to stimulate and deepen the discussion on ethical issues, by bringing together a set of working grouping and publicise their results.


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What is The Observatory on Society and Artificial Intelligence (OSAI) ?

The Observatory on Society and Artificial Intelligence (OSAI) is part of the European project AI4EU and its main aim is to act as a clearinghouse for information and research on the Ethical, Legal, Socio-Economic and Cultural (ELSEC) issues in the development and deployment of AI technologies across the Europe.

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What is the AI4EU value-based design methodology?

AI4EU presents a precise industrially usable methodology for AI that takes ELSEC issues into account, building further on the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethically aligned design for AI and autonomous systems, and the European High Level Expert Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies

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What are the ELSEC-AI Working Groups?

AI4EU focuses on setting up working groups for formulating positions on critical Ethical, Legal, Socio-Economic and Cultural (ELSEC) issues. Each WGs brings together experts, queries public or specialist opinion, organises a brainstorming meeting, constructs a green papers, and disseminates the outcomes.

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