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EARASHI 1st open call


Innovate with us: Get up to €200,000 to develop cutting-edge solutions for your startup or SME

EARASHI 1st open call banner

Opportunity for European manufacturing startup and SME to skyrocket their advanced digital and eco-responsible technologies  and

  • support the industry in the uptake of advanced digital eco-responsible technologies (AI, Data and Robotics)
  • support workers in their daily activities and improve their working conditions (safety, health and well-being) leading to a productivity increase
  • adopt a worker-centric approach by considering worker well-being and health at work (MSD and stress), design thinking methodology of production machines, worker acceptance and Ethics.

EARASHI, Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe Human-oriented-Industry, proposes 2 open calls (February and September 2023) to select 10 projects distributing 2M€ of funding among them. The open call is designed to grant startup/SME-led consortia of 1-2 partners cascade funding of up to €200,000 for 15-18 months project.

The companies wishing to apply to the open call should select one of the Building Blocks identified by the EARASHI partners and develop a related technologies solutions that addresses one of the 10 challenges defined by EARASHI industrial advisory board.