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SuperPower: A project around super-resolution applied to drone imagery to improve power line monitoring

SuperPower, a project around super-resolution applied to drone imagery to improve power line monitoring, led by FuVeX Civil SL in Spain, it aims to solve challenges in two areas of experimentation: AI applications in energy and Predictive maintenance.


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Who will help implement the AI solution? 

FuVeX's vision is to enable the autonomous digitization of power lines by using long-range drones instead of crewed helicopters. The company is based in Spain, and is currently working with the corporations that own the 95% of the Spanish medium/high voltage grid. Its goal in the next 2 years is to scale up its operations into the whole EU as drone regulations progress. 


What is the AI solution the project plans to implement? 

The goal of inspecting power lines is to detect defects in the infrastructure to repair them as soon as possible. Consequently, to perform accurate maintenance of these infrastructures, power line owners need as high-resolution visual imagery as possible. While this is relatively easy in crewed helicopters capable of carrying heavy cameras, obtaining high-quality data with small drones is very challenging as they are not capable of carrying heavy payloads. 

The aim of SuperPower is precisely to solve this challenge: Achieve high-quality data from using light cameras by introducing superresolution technologies to increase the number of pixels in a given image using AI. 

For further information check: and the Joint Press Release with Naturgy (3rd biggest Spanish utility). 
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