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Streamline Product Development Process

Meet VERTLINER, a Field-robotics Startup Beneficiary of the StairwAI 1st Open Call


Technical Category
Robotics and automation

  1. Who are you?
    Field-robotics startup developing autonomous aerial robots for the indoor inspection and monitoring of assets and infrastructures.
  2. What is your project about?
    The solution allows the collection of spatial measurements and visual data, embedding semantic capabilities for automatically recognizing structures and materials in the environment.
  3. In what ways did the StairwAI Support Program contribute to the development of your solution?
    The StairwAI program contributed to streamline the product development process and increase the focus on applications that are able to generate commercial value.
  4. What notable accomplishment stands out as the most significant success you have achieved as a result of your participation in the StairwAI program?
    The notable accomplishment that stands out as the most significant success is the development of an AI image-based material classifier, embedded in a dockerised environment