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SnowPower: The hydropower production forecasting system

SnowPower, a software as a service (SaaS) that enables utilities to monitor and predict hydropower generation, providing an estimate of the snow water equivalent, led by Amigo s.r.l. in Italy, it will be tackling challenges in two areas AI applications in energy and Monitoring, energy usage optimisation.


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Who will help implement the AI solution? 

Amigo is an Italian SME specialized in providing climate services to large international organizations. Since its foundation in 2013, Amigo has been active in consultancy, and was also one of 6 teams winning the 1st European Data Incubator in 2019. The team includes highly motivated, multi-disciplinary experts with expertise ranging from climate science to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, from strategic design to business development. Physicists and computer scientists are supported by business experts to develop services that address the specific customer needs. 


What is the AI solution the project plans to implement? 

Amigo aims to develop SnowPOWER, a Software as a Service for monitoring and forecasting hydropower generation for energy companies, focusing on estimating the amount of water expected to flow into the reservoir based on a snow water equivalent assessment with a medium-term forecast (1 to 6 months). The specific objective of the project is to first forecast the energy generated for the spring and summer seasons using seasonal forecast. The support from the I-NERGY team is crucial in two ways: business development and AI support. Amigo intends to obtain support to define the business model and to discuss and revise the AI/ML approach to validate the proposed technology and possibly modify the techniques. 

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